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Overnight Parking Passes

Between Labour Day and Victoria Day weekend you can now park your personal vehicle on most City of London streets overnight with a free electronic parking pass. There is a limit of 15 passes per license plate which may be requested during that timeframe. Please note that parking passes do not apply to streets which are posted with No Parking or No Parking 3AM-5AM Signage. Passes for multiple days and/or multiple licence plates may be obtained with one submission. In order to be eligible for a pass, a vehicle must bear a valid licence plate validation sticker and passes cannot be issued retroactively.

Between November 1st and April 15th passes will not be issued more than 48 hours in advance due to the possibility of inclement weather.

All other parking restrictions remain in effect, including prohibited parking and stopping areas, fire routes and the requirement to remove all vehicles from the street during snow clearing operations. All other parking restrictions are required to be adhered to.

Passes Not Applicable

Overnight parking passes do not apply to commercial, oversized, inoperable or unplated vehicles, boats or trailers and are exclusively for personal vehicles.

Restricting, Revoking or Cancelling of Overnight Parking Pass

The City of London reserves the right to restrict the issuance of overnight parking passes for reasons such as weather or other operational reasons. A permit may be revoked or cancelled when it is necessary to ensure public safety, for operational purposes, when it was obtained through the submission of false, misleading or fraudulent information, or when the vehicle in respect of which the permit was issued has an expired validation sticker.

Please note that there are four steps to obtaining an overnight parking pass. This is Step 1. At the conclusion of the process, you will receive a confirmation number to indicate your request has been received. There is nothing to print or place in your vehicle. Please include your email address so we may contact you if required. If you are having difficulty or need clarification regarding the parking pass process or on line registration, please contact the City of London Parking Office Mon-Fri 8:30 AM - 4:15 PM at 519-661-4537 or for assistance.

Notice of Collection of Personal Information

The personal information collected in this process is collected under the authority of the Traffic & Parking By-law PS-111 and will be used to manage overnight parking passes including contacting the pass holder. Questions about this collection of information should be addressed to the Manager of Municipal Law Enforcement Services at 824 Dundas Street, London, ON N6A 4L6. Tel: 519-661-4537.

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